Nasdaq Global Data Products
Mutual Fund Products Price List

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Mutual Fund Dissemination Service (MFDS)

Mutual Fund Data Products
Entitlement Name Description Monthly Rate
Mutual Fund Dissemination Service (MFDS) - Direct Access Monthly fee to receive MFQS daily valuation data directly from Nasdaq $750
Mutual Fund Dissemination Service (MFDS) - External Distribution Monthly fee to redistribute real-time MFQS daily valuation data to third party users 1 to 499 subscribers: $1,500
500 to 4,999 subscribers: $3,000
5000+ subscribers: Contact Nasdaq for details
Monthly fee to redistribute delayed MFQS daily valuation data to third party users $500 per firm
Mutual Fund Dissemination Service (MFDS) - Internal Distribution Real-time Distributor Fee $750 per firm
Delayed Distributor Fee $250 per firm
Mutual Fund Dissemination Service (MFDS) - Hosted Solution Monthly fee to display MFQS daily valuation data via a hosted solution product Per Delayed Hosted Firm: $50
Per Real-Time Hosted Firm: $100
Enterprise License: Contact Nasdaq for details
MFQS Daily List / MFQS Registration Service Monthly fee to access the MFQS Daily List and other reports via secured MFQS website or web service $500

Mutual Fund Quotation Service (MFQS)

Mutual Fund Quotation Service (MFQS)
Fee Type Description Rate
MFQS Instrument Registration Fees
MFQS Annual Fee for Issuers / Fund Families Annual instrument listing fee invoiced by Nasdaq $600 per MFQS instrument
MFQS Valuation Service Fees
MFQS Valuation Service - Data Entry / Access Fee Monthly access fee for MFQS issuers and MFQS pricing agents to enter Valuation and corporate action data via secured MFQS website or secured MFQS FTP server $100 per User ID
Computer-to-Computer Interface (CTCI) Monthly fees associated with CTCI connectivity Refer to Nasdaq Transaction Services (NTS) price list


Nasdaq modified its MFQS instrument fee schedule as of January 1, 2016. For details, refer to MFQS News #2015-4. Please note that MFQS instrument fees are typically paid by the issuer or sponsor firm.

MFQS Valuation Service access fees are typically paid by the firm that submits daily fund price data into Nasdaq.

For Nasdaq real-time data feed products, the distributor fees are assessed on subscribers that receive Nasdaq information in a data feed format. This product is also covered by Nasdaq monthly administration fee(s). Refer to Nasdaq Data Policies for details.